Nebraska School Nurse Association

Different Conference Style-- SAME GREAT APPAREL!!

Posted 4 months ago by Megan Lytle MBA, MSN, RN

Happy Monday!
Although this dreaded situation is keeping us from our in-person conference, we are so thankful we're still able to bring you a worthwhile and meaningful virtual conference.  We have some exciting things coming down the pipeline, including our apparel again for this year!  We didn't want to forego this as I know several love having the opportunity to sport their conference shirts- I know I do.  
Our apparel will go through FanCloth again this year.  This wonderful company makes apparel fundraising extremely easy on our end.  We were able to raise a significant amount last year through FanCloth which, as you know, helps us prevent raising conference costs. 
This is the link for our catalog:
Please read these instructions before ordering:
  • To choose an item, simply click "select options".  
  • A screen will pop up that allows you to pick all of your options and customize it, if you choose to do so.  
  • Once done, click "Add to Cart".
  • Once you have finalized your selections, click "View Cart" at the top OR Click on the cart in the top right hand corner.  
  • You will then click "CHECKOUT".
  • It will take you to a new screen to enter information.
  • Once there, in the spaces provided where it states, "Who will be receiving these items?", enter your own name and information. 
  • In the space that says "Select Student/Player", again, enter your own name (First and Last).  Doing this will ensure your items are separated by your name when they ship to me.
  • You will then click "NEXT", then enter all of your payment information and Confirm/Pay.
Everything will be shipped to me, Joslynne (in Lincoln), once I close the store.  I will try to keep the store open through May and send reminder emails every so often to get on and shop.  The more we sell, the more money we raise and these clothing items are fantastic!  
Items will be shipped to you from Joslynne.

If you have questions about apparel, please contact me directly, or 4027862765 ext. 2205.

Stay safe and healthy!