Nebraska School Nurse Association

Happy School Nurse Day from President Catherine Heck

Posted 3 months ago by Megan Lytle MBA, MSN, RN

Dear NSNA members - 
I wanted to extend a special appreciation for all you do to take care of school age children on this Nurses Day. As school nurses - you are on the front line of our health care system. School nurses are essential professional in public health. I encourage each and every school nurse in our association to advocate for the inclusion of school nurses as public health strategies are being developed for students to return to the academic setting in the fall. 
Here are several ways in which you can advocate for our worthy nursing practice:
  • Contact and/or write to our state representative in the US Senate & Congress and encourage the funding for additional school nurses. 
    • Nebraska's Senators are Deb Fischer & Ben Sasse
    • Nebraska's Representatives in Congress are Jeff Fortenberry (District 1), Don Bacon (District 2), and Adrian Smith (District 3)
  • Contact and/or write to our governor, Pete Ricketts and encourage inclusion of school nurses in the planning process to reopen schools in the fall of 2020
  • Contact and/or write your senator in the Nebraska Unicarmeral
Please note: most school district have policies about staff use of email, letterhead, etc . . . when corresponding to legislators - so please speak for yourself and your nursing practice using non-district related resources. 
You are truly appreciated and your dedication to the health, safety and support of school age children really does make a difference in so many lives. May each and everyone of you have a great Nurses' Day!!!
Warm regards - 
Catherine Heck, President - Nebraska School Nurses Association