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Call for School Nurse Mentors!

Posted about 1 month ago by Megan Lytle MBA, MSN, RN

Nebraska School Nurses:

As you reflect back on your first year or two as a school nurse, did you have a mentor? If not, would a mentor have been helpful to you? I know, for me, many school nurses helped, but I think if I had had one person to always go to, the first couple of years would have been easier.

We are looking for seasoned nurses to become mentors this fall. Kim McClintick, MSN, RN, School Health Coordinator, Children’s Center for the Child & Community, has developed a School Nurse Mentor Program for Nebraska school nurses, and we need your help! If you are a school nurse in Nebraska with more than five years experience, you are invited to join us to help mentor new nurses in their role. If you are reading this as a new or newer school nurse and would like to participate, we welcome you as well.

This is not meant to be a time-consuming activity. Rather, we want to give new school nurses the opportunity to have one person whom they can reach out to with questions or concerns. A monthly meeting with your mentee is required, and they can reach out to you as needed in between.

Orientation will be provided several different times during late July and August. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee, please email Kim at: or give her a call at 402.613.3963. She will send you a short application form to complete. Likewise, if you are or know of a new school nurse who may be interested in new school nurse training in July or having a mentor, please send those names and schools to Andrea Riley at

Thank you so much for your consideration, and if you have any questions, you can reach out to any of the committee members.

Kay Duncan, MAA, BSN, CPN

Dawnelle Martin, RN

Judy Ritta, LPN, BAEd