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NASN 2015 School Nurse Survey!! Complete it by March 10, 2015.

Posted almost 4 years ago by Tonja Frank

Please participate in the NASN 2015 School Nurse Survey!! Complete it by March 10, 2015.
In the past this survey was disseminated only every other year. We have shortened the survey and will have a short survey each spring. The survey is open to all NASN members and ALL nurses working in schools (head start/pre-k through high school), so please feel free to pass the survey along to other nurses you know who may not be NASN members who work in schools.
We want to hear from all school nurses! The survey should only take about 10-15 minutes.

The purpose of the survey:
  • To identify concerns and needs;
  • To better understand the demographics of school nurses; and
  • To identify where NASN is performing well and where NASN needs to improve.

This information helps us plan products and services that are important and relevant to you.

To access the survey go to:

To show our gratitude for your thoughtful responses to the survey, we are offering four scholarships that will be chosen randomly: two scholarships to attend the 2015 NASN Annual Conference; and two scholarships for NASN bookstore purchases.

All participating school nurses are eligible for at least 2 prizes!! NASN members are eligible for all 4 prizes!!

Scholarships are "proudly sponsored by Lysol® - our Healthy Habits Program provides free resources to teachers everywhere to help them keep classrooms healthy."