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Sample letter for your senator regarding LB 18

Posted about 3 years ago by Tonja Frank


Soon, you'll be voting on LB 18, which would add the meningitis vaccine to the list of required vaccines for Nebraska school students. As school nurses who help protect kids from illness, we strongly support this added level of protection to help prevent one of the deadliest diseases that preys on young people and adults. As you know, many nurses, doctors and others have stepped forward to state the importance of LB 18. But among the strongest voices are those who have already experienced the death of loved ones to this terrible disease.

Lori Pickinpaugh, who lost her daughter to meningitis, is one of these voices. She asked that we share her very personal message with you. Please take just a brief moment to watch this video:

One year ago, we stated our support for LB 18, and our commitment continues. The fact is teens are at a higher risk of contracting meningitis. This legislation adds this vaccination to current immunizations for 7th graders, plus a booster shot for 16-year-old students. A law is already in place allowing parents to opt-out of immunization for religious reasons.

In a time of various disease outbreaks nationwide involving school-age children and young adults, this legislation makes common sense and will help protect Nebraska's children from meningitis for years to come. It puts the health of our children first.

Please support LB 18 - not for Nebraska's school nurses, doctors, the immunization coalition and many public health officials, then for Lori Pickinpaugh and the many other families who want you to do what is best for all children in our state.


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